Avanti West Coast Danni Mcloughlin 1

“As we see more women across the industry, it’s important we highlight them.”

Avanti West Coast Project Manager, Danni Mcloughlin, explains why she shared her story in 100 More Women, 100 More Journeys book.

Avanti West Coast Pendolino-2

“The Blueprint underlines how important it is to advance our four pillars of sustainability.”

Avanti West Coast’s Head of Sustainability, Melanie Hockenhull, explains how the operator is contributing to sustainable rail.

Avanti West Coast Theresa Robberts 1

“Rail is about getting from A to opportunity. For me that opportunity is blind cricket.”

Avanti West Coast's Theresa Robberts explains how rail has enabled her to make history representing England in blind cricket.  

Stephen Sutton and me

"To name but a few."

Avanti West Coast Communications Manager, Richard Stanton, talks about train namings, and how one in particular brings a smile to his face. 

Avanti West Coast Train Manager and OGAE member, Jan Green, onboard the Eurovision Express to Liverpool

"Any doubts our special guests would not be in the party mood were immediately dispelled."

Avanti West Coast Train Manager, Jan Fuller-Green, reflects on Eurovision and how the railway came together to deliver a magical experience for hundreds of ‘Superfans’.

Avanti West Coast Sean Dyer 1

“To combine my passion with a job I love has made it rewarding to work on this community event.”

Avanti West Coast Team Leader, Sean Dyer, shares why he enjoyed making connections between the railway and community in Crewe. 

AWC FGFT David Savage 1

“Field trips are important in education. They enable children to see beyond what is local to them.”

Community Rail Lancashire's David Savage shares why he got onboard with Avanti West Coast's Feel Good Field Trips initiative. 

Avanti West Coast Gender Network 1

“It’s important to share what we’re doing on a topic that affects women, while raising awareness”

Karen Broad, Avanti West Coast Talent Development Manager, explains why she's helped introduced menopause guidance. 

Avanti West Coast Train of Thought 1

“If we work together, mental wellbeing will become a part of everyday conversation and life.”

Avanti West Coast Community Champion, Laura Warwick, shares how she's supporting people's mental wellbeing in Runcorn. 

Melanie 2

“Sustainability Week affords us the opportunity to put a focus on being a responsible business.”

Avanti West Coast's Head of Sustainability, Melanie Hockenhull, shares how a focus on sustainability can encourage small changes. 

Philippa Creswell APPG Women in Transport Reception 3

“We’re committed to retaining and increasing the number of women at all levels of the business”

Avanti West Coast’s Executive Director of Onboard Customer Experience reflects on the diversity of the railway’s workforce.

Strangers on a Train-2

"This programme served as a great reminder of how important the railway is to a host of people."

Richard Stanton, Comms Manager at Avanti West Coast, welcomes Alexei Sayle onboard for the recording of a new Radio Four comedy.