Avanti West Coast BSL 5

"When colleagues used sign language... I realised the difference it could make."

Marvia Norman, Onboard Customer Service Assistant at Avanti West Coast, speaks of her delight that Euston is the first station in the UK to install screens with announcements in British Sign Language for deaf customers. 

Avanti West Coast Sajid 1

"On the railway a split second can make a difference."

Sajid Ismail, a train driver for Avanti West Coast, on the effect of trespassing and why he wanted to educate about its dangers.

Avanti West Coast Volunteers 2

Making a difference in lockdown

Avanti West Coast staff reflect helping during the coronavirus pandemic, one year since the first lockdown.

Avanti Driver-6

"I thought only men drive trains."

Trainee driver, Chloe McKinlay, hopes her experience will encourage women to pursue a similar career path.