Avanti West Coast Record Run Neil Barker Pete Waterman 2

"It seems incredible on a journey of just over 400 miles it came down to a matter of seconds."

Preston-based driver, Neil Barker, reflects on Avanti West Coast’s record attempt for the fastest journey from London to Glasgow.

Avanti West Coast BSL 5

"When colleagues used sign language... I realised the difference it could make."

Marvia Norman, Customer Service Assistant at Avanti West Coast, is delighted that Euston has installed screens with sign language. 

Avanti West Coast Sajid 1

"On the railway a split second can make a difference."

Sajid Ismail, a train driver for Avanti West Coast, on the effect of trespassing and why he wanted to educate about its dangers.

Avanti Driver-6

"I thought only men drive trains."

Trainee driver, Chloe McKinlay, hopes her experience will encourage women to pursue a similar career path.