“It’s an amazing experience where we get to spread a bit of inclusion and love.”

Train manager James Dobson on being part of the Avanti West Coast team at Birmingham Pride.

Peter with Laura and Jane on Avanti West Coast’s Marriage Carriage

“It was such a joyous occasion.”

Train manager Peter Davis on his role when Jane Magnet and Laura Dale wed on Avanti West Coast’s Marriage Carriage.

Avanti West Coast Event Host 1

“After every Event Host shift, I definitely feel I’ve made a difference.”

Paul Austin, Train Manager, gives an insight into his role as an Avant West Coast Event Host, supporting fans travelling for Euro 2020. 

Avanti West Coast Record Run Neil Barker Pete Waterman 2

"It seems incredible on a journey of just over 400 miles it came down to a matter of seconds."

Preston-based driver, Neil Barker, reflects on Avanti West Coast’s record attempt for the fastest journey from London to Glasgow.

Avanti West Coast BSL 5

"When colleagues used sign language... I realised the difference it could make."

Marvia Norman, Customer Service Assistant at Avanti West Coast, is delighted that Euston has installed screens with sign language. 

Avanti West Coast Sajid 1

"On the railway a split second can make a difference."

Sajid Ismail, a train driver for Avanti West Coast, on the effect of trespassing and why he wanted to educate about its dangers.

Avanti Driver-6

"I thought only men drive trains."

Trainee driver, Chloe McKinlay, hopes her experience will encourage women to pursue a similar career path.